Home Care Supports

Home and Community Habilitation – Individual and Group

Home and community habilitation provides ongoing assistance to individuals for many everyday tasks: personal care; living skills; shopping; household maintenance; budgeting or attendance at recreational and community events. Our focus is to assist the person in improving and growing independently while considering their preferences and interests in order to live life to the fullest. Habilitation supports can also be provided to small groups of individuals (two or three), who would like to spend time together socializing and enjoying their favorite activity in the community.

Respite – Hourly

Respite provides relief to families caring for a loved one with special needs at home. This time can be used for families to take care of themselves; to rest and relax and get a break from the day to day challenges that come from caring for someone with special needs. Supports can be provided in the person's home or in one of our caregiver’s home. Services are available on a short-term hourly basis.

Companion or Family Aides

Companion care provides the person with supervision for their health and safety and is provided at times when the person is not focused on learning skills such as when a peson is sleeping or when the person lives on their own, but doesn’t have the ability to safely evacuate. In companion cases, the caregiver is able to provide minimal assistance with daily living activities, but is primarily used when non-medical or non-habilitative care is needed.

Family aides provide supervision for health and safety to the person, but may also provide supervision to other people in the household such as siblings or elderly family members. This service is referred and approved by the individual’s Administrative Entity; i.e., county.

Personal Care Attendants

Personal care attendants are able to support people, birth through 21, with special healthcare needs, to assist with their daily living skills, personal care, dressing, hygiene, etc. This support must be prescribed as medically necessary from the person's physician and approved by the individual's Medical Assistance’s (MA) Managed Care Organization (MCO); i.e., Gateway, United Healthcare, etc. or directly through the state MA program.


Achieva Home Care can assist someone with special needs or the family with whom the individual resides with household tasks that may prove to be too difficult to perform; i.e., outside yard maintenance, leaf removal, major cleaning projects; i.e., walls, carpets, etc. An individual can qualify for this support only when other household members, landlord or agency is unable to provide the task.

School, Medical Aides or Childcare

Achieva Home Care specializes in the care of an individual with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and, at times, this care is requested by school districts, medical facilities, community organizations and conference event planners. Our caregivers are available to assist as temporary aides when extra support is needed by these community organizations.

Families as Caregivers

Provide families the opportunity to hire their relatives, siblings, friends or neighbors for respite care and habilitative supports to their family member with special needs. Achieva will ensure the employee meets all regulatory training requirements to provide supports.