A 5k Walk/Run To Benefit The Connecticut Brain Tumor Alliance, Inc.
Sunday, October 1, 2017


Virtual registration is open for those who were not able to join us today but want to show a teammember that they were by his or her side today or who just want to walk alongside all of us so that no one has to go through this disease alone. 

Path of Hope 2017 was a tremendous success today, thanks to all of you.  Online Registration is now closed, but we hope you will help us to make that thermometer rise for brain tumor patients and caregivers and that you will join us next year!

Please help us celebrate our 10th year serving the brain tumor community by reaching our $100,000 goal for Path of Hope 2017!     

Path of Hope offers a Timed Run:  
Download the Fast Track Timing App for iPhone and get your race results at the touch of your fingers. Have an Android or other cellphone?  Find your results on the Fast Track Timing website.

Founded in 2007, the Connecticut Brain Tumor Alliance, Inc. (“CTBTA”), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, raises funds for patient assistance for families in financial need, brain tumor research, patient outreach, specialized medical equipment, and brain tumor program support. More information: The Path of Hope is the CTBTA’s inspiring 5K walk, run, and family-fun event at Olde Mistick Village in beautiful Mystic, Connecticut. The event raises funds and awareness for our mission to provide hope and support for brain tumor survivors and caregivers, celebrates survivorship, and honors those we remember.  

Donation Instructions

Click on Teams or Participants and find the registrant or team that you want to support, or enter their name in the search bar.

Click "Support Me" on a participant's page to have your name appear as a supporter on his/her page and your donation will count towards his/her personal fundraising efforts and the team's fundraising total.  Click "Support Us" on a team's page to have your name appear as a supporter on that team page and your donation will count towards the team's fundraising goal.

Pediatric Survivors:  Please select "Pediatric Survivor" on the registration page for all pediatric survivors so that they do not miss out on a special opportunity just for them!

Special Thanks to These Sponsors



Liquid Nirvana       
Angie's Pizza and Pier 27 Lounge & Restaurant
Yale University School of Medicine
Avery's Beverages      
Deep River Snacks      
Guida's Dairy      
John and Denise Baskowski

Jen Read Photography       
Miranda Creative       
Lowe's Distribution Center
Frito Lay, Inc.      
On Time Screen Printing and Embroidery       

Go Fish
KPD Health & Wellness
ABC PhotoLab
Extra Virgin Oil Store
Stephanie Simoni, WTNH       
Kevin Hogan, WFSB      
WCTY 92.5 FM      
WNLC 98.7 FM


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GOAL: $100,000.00
Raised: $76,097.05
Participants Activity
Brian Adams$0.00
David Adams$200.00
Amanda Alford$25.00
David Anastasio$25.00
James Anastasio$100.00
Kevin Anastasio$100.00
Jaclyn Andrade$40.00
Diane Andrewsikas$70.00
Sarah Andrewsikas$50.00
Lisa Angerami$225.00
Jaime Aniskoff$25.00
Vanessa Arroyo$0.00
Diane Auray$25.00
Jaime Babin$50.00
Karen Bachofner$55.00
Dennis Badenhop$150.00
Victor Baez$25.00
Jason Bak$200.00
Michelle Barber$50.00
Ashley Barker$25.00
Nicholas Blondin$25.00
Holly Bogo$25.00
Mark Boucher$25.00
Chris Bracken$25.00
Emily Bracken$25.00
Tim Bray$110.00
Charlotte Brenner$40.00
Dawn Brenner$25.00
Rob Brenner$2,875.00
Sienna Breton$25.00
Matt Brintle$25.00
Christopher Burke$25.00
Tracy Byrne$25.00
Lauren Cabrera$75.00
Gemma Cammarata$25.00
Bill Campbell$25.00
Harrison Canning$125.00
Bruce Carbone$50.00
Kimberly Carew$25.00
Christine Carlson$25.00
Caitlin Caron$50.00
Brittany Carr$50.00
Jack Casey$25.00
Michael Casey$50.00
Melinda Cassiere$25.00
Donna Castonguay$50.00
Marilia Castro$25.00
Deanna Chapman$25.00
Kirsten Chapman$25.00
Nicole Chapman$150.00
Jilian Chase$65.00
Melissa Chiarenza$175.00
Angela Chirico$75.00
Sandy Clinton$525.00
Marissa Colangelo$25.00
Lisa Colonna$50.00
Jen Conley$25.00
Cassidy Considine$25.00
Carissa Contillo$180.00
Debbie Contillo$225.00
John Contillo$200.00
Barbara Cousineau$325.00
Lisa Cousineau$300.00
Hannah Couture$25.00
Christen Crowley$205.00
Chris Cusano$0.00
Eric Dahl$25.00
Kim Daly$40.00
Miquelina Dasilva$25.00
Ann Dellarose$25.00
Marie DeMilia$125.00
Ron Densk$50.00
Janice Devitt$50.00
Stephanie Dextraze$90.00
Lynn Dillon$140.00
Whitney Dionne$50.00
Jessica Dorso$125.00
Nicole Dorso$320.00
Andrea Dunn$25.00
Melissa Dworak$75.00
Amy Ellsworth$150.00
Rose Erickson$25.00
Michael Fahey$75.00
Lee Falk$25.00
Lauren Fasano$75.00
Amanda Faust$210.00
Donna Feinstein$25.00
Charlotte Fenton$50.00
Mark Fenton$25.00
Sha Fenton$25.00
Jean Ferris$65.00
Sarah Firmin$75.00
Donna Fitzpatrick$25.00
Cathy Fracasse$100.00
Nancy Fracasse$50.00
Paul Fracasse$75.00
Connor Frauendorf$125.00
Jill Frederickson$180.00
Jean Frigon$225.00
Linda Frigon$300.00
Paul Frigon$125.00
Diane Fronckiewicz$50.00
Holly Gallick$50.00
Tracey Gamer Fanning$300.00
Meghan Geer$25.00
Annette Gervais$25.00
Cassandra Gervais$640.00
S Gervais$75.00
Sue Gervais$25.00
Tammy Gervais$75.00
Jennifer Gileau$25.00
Patrick Glennon$25.00
Fred Goiangos$50.00
Daniel Gomes$25.00
William Grabek Jr $25.00
Leanne Grabowski$25.00
Haley Grayson$25.00
Taryn Greene$25.00
Anna Gregg$25.00
Samantha Grenon$25.00
Jason Grove$50.00
Maria Grove$430.00
Lou Gulino$50.00
Joe Guzman$50.00
Diane Hall$75.00
Marie Hall$25.00
Nicole Hall$50.00
Esther Han$55.00
Jessica Harrick$25.00
Paula Haschak$105.00
Cheryl Haskes$50.00
Elli Haskes$65.00
Scotland Hatter$25.00
John Hayner$225.00
Brittany Heninger$25.00
Donna Heon$75.00
Eileen Holden$226.00
Maryellen Holden$125.00
Path Of Hope$9,331.05
Cheryl Hummel$25.00
Gary Italia$80.00
James Italia$25.00
Lauren Italia $785.00
Monica Italia $275.00
Nicholas Italia $25.00
Nathalie Jacob$190.00
Julina Jaser$50.00
JoAnn Jeche$50.00
Dana Jezierski$25.00
Brian Jones$25.00
Tina Joyce$25.00
Alex Kalisz$100.00
Alina Kalisz$50.00
Alina Kalisz$25.00
Katherine Kamerer$25.00
Emily Katz$25.00
Marielle Kearsch$25.00
Nicole Kearsch$25.00
Grace Kelly$150.00
Margaret Kelly$50.00
Patrick Kelly$25.00
Christie Kennedy$50.00
Aisha Khan$275.00
Nabil Khan$25.00
Kayla Kissel$25.00
Noreen Klapproth$100.00
Sam Klapproth$25.00
Betsy Knapp$25.00
Gary Knightly$25.00
Kristen Knightly$60.00
Laurie Kustra$50.00
Tracey Lamoreux$25.00
Ann Lang$50.00
Stefanie Lang$125.00
Julia Lanzano$25.00
Ray Lanzano$0.00
Rose LaPorta$50.00
Bethany Larkin$25.00
Ray Larkin$25.00
Susan Larkin$25.00
Bethany LaRoche$25.00
Mantas Laureckis$50.00
Christina Leadbeater$65.00
Allyson Leighton$25.00
Alyson Lemieux$50.00
Susan Lemkuil$2,825.00
Matthew LeRoy$25.00
Melanie LeRoy$190.00
Arline Lillibridge$25.00
Barbara Lillibridge$135.00
Connie Lindstedt$2,250.00
Ellen Litt$25.00
Lori Loughlin$415.00
Stacy Lowry$25.00
Gina Lowther$25.00
Katie Lowther$50.00
Karin Lussier$25.00
Tracy Macala$25.00
Peggy Macamaux$20.00
Catherine Madden$25.00
Dina Madore$50.00
Christina Magnotta$25.00
Jeannine Maiolo$50.00
Danielle Mangold$50.00
Kelly Margolies$40.00
Cindy Marsella$125.00
Xan Marsella$25.00
Michelle Mayo$50.00
Stacey McCarthy$25.00
Diane Mckinley$50.00
Steven Mclaine $50.00
Elisabeth McNivens$50.00
Vanessa Meikle$25.00
Leigh Melia$305.00
Christine Meunier$250.00
John Miller$65.00
Jessica Miner$25.00
Dana Mohrlein$0.00
Jennifer Moliterno Gunel$50.00
James Montlick$50.00
Kenneth Montlick$125.00
Neil Montlick$80.00
Ashley Moody$25.00
Jennifer Morel$25.00
Janice Moreland$165.00
Leslie Morin$100.00
Michaela Morin$50.00
Olivia Morin$25.00
Linda Morris$25.00
Ellie Murphy$50.00
Mary Beth Murphy$125.00
Trisha Murphy$50.00
Howard Musk$250.00
Tori Newton $25.00
Jameson Nordberg$25.00
Jill Norton$75.00
Kelly O'Brien$25.00
Joanna Oat$25.00
Lauren Oliveira$25.00
Jean Olson$50.00
Lisa Orchen$100.00
Allison Owsianko$25.00
Andrew Owsianko$25.00
Cheryl Owsianko$25.00
Michael Owsianko$25.00
Jennifer Pace$1,155.00
Nicole Pane$50.00
Anthony Paniccia$35.00
Dawn Paquette$65.00
Briana Paredes$20.00
Joy Peck$50.00
Dominika Pellegrini$50.00
Shelly Perron$25.00
Jen Pfeffer$105.00
Jessica Picard$40.00
Morgan Platt$45.00
Kimberly Porter Dowie$750.00
Kevin Power$325.00
Christine Pringle$25.00
Jesse Pringle$25.00
Patty Ravenelle$50.00
Joan Razzante $50.00
Richard Renert$0.00
Susan Renert$4,436.00
Anthony Reynoso$0.00
Abby Robinson$25.00
Phyllis Rodgers$825.00
Sergio Rodrigues$25.00
Melissa Rosa$165.00
Paula Rossi$100.00
Joyce Roy$75.00
Steve Roy$0.00
Kimberly Roy-Canning$750.00
Betty Rubner$50.00
Michele Ruffee$100.00
Abigail Ruiz$200.00
Julio Ruiz$25.00
Melissa Ruiz$25.00
Lindsey Sabala$25.00
Andy Sanchez$25.00
Cina Santos$25.00
Stephanie Santos$150.00
Deborah Scanlon$25.00
Erin Scanlon$25.00
Eric Shankman$50.00
Gregory Shimer$645.00
Charlie Shimkus$300.00
Chuck Shimkus$50.00
Mary Shimkus$25.00
William Shipman$1,155.00
Heather Silva$25.00
Rachel Skranski$75.00
Meliza Skutulas$25.00
Cathy Smith$25.00
Jim Smith$25.00
Mary Lou Smith$50.00
Stacy Smith$25.00
Victoria Soley$25.00
Kelly Soucie$225.00
Susanne Spear$125.00
Charlie Spellman$25.00
Lori Speziale$25.00
Annette Spillane$292.00
Patti Spisto$25.00
Tracy St Jean$25.00
Diane Stewart$125.00
Elizabeth Stewart$25.00
James Stewart$25.00
Jessica Stine$90.00
Ryan Stocking$25.00
April Suchezky$75.00
Makayla Sullivan$25.00
Elzbieta Syndomin$100.00
Gina Syndomin$75.00
Krzysztof Syndomin$25.00
Erica Szostek$50.00
Brooke Thyrring$190.00
Megan Treiber$25.00
Denielle Trudeau$50.00
Denis Trudeau$50.00
Lauren Trudeau$50.00
Nicole Trudeau$0.00
Samantha Turmenne$50.00
Mary Tyer$25.00
Ali Tyler$25.00
Jessica Unikewicz$25.00
Allan VanLew$25.00
Amber VanLew$0.00
Avery VanLew$15.00
Calla Vassilopoulos$50.00
Elizabeth Vecchio$25.00
Brittany Vellucci$75.00
Kim Wallace$25.00
Monica Wark$125.00
Alison Watson Maston$100.00
Jamie Weber$40.00
Theresa Wellman$25.00
Donna Werkhoven$100.00
Eileen Wetmore$75.00
Cathy Wheeler$105.00
Cathy Wheeler$25.00
Brittney Williams$50.00
Karen Wischow$75.00
Joan Wolf$25.00
Mary Ellen Wright$55.00
Caron Wunderlich$25.00
Teams Activity
Alan's Angels$1,695.00
Ari's Angels$505.00
Barbie's Warriors$725.00
Billy's Angels$766.00
Blondin's Hope$290.00
Casey's Crew$1,000.00
Christen's Crew$500.00
Church Street Cheerleaders$100.00
Dawn's team$1,190.00
Don't Stop Believing$2,172.00
Flash's Pit Crew$1,050.00
For Boran$350.00
Go Yanks$55.00
In Memory of Fred and Patricia$480.00
Khannie & Co$325.00
Kiara's Krusaders$250.00
Like Father Like Daughter$1,616.00
Lois' Lobster Crawlers$280.00
Margaret's Warriors$2,110.00
Marty Farty Party$500.00
Meningioma Melia's$730.00
Miles For Morgan$145.00
Papa John's Lineup$1,255.00
Queen Katy's Kourt$480.00
RAY'S ANGELS$1,415.00
Rena's Team$815.00
Run for Kath$975.00
Seaport Real Estate Group$285.00
Sophia Rose$725.00
Susanne Spear$550.00
Suzi's Squad$1,550.00
Team Brenner$2,940.00
Team Candice Angela$1,055.00
Team Cole 💙$325.00
Team Cooz$1,375.00
Team Cusano$575.00
Team Italia$2,520.00
Team Pace$2,785.00
Team Shipman$1,280.00
Tough enough for Tumors$25.00
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