Daystar is committed to offering counseling to any family that walks through our doors regardless of their ability to pay. We have a $75,000 goal this fall to support our sliding scale. 

per month of group counseling for a child
per semester of group counseling for a child

per semester of individual counseling for a child

per month above counseling fees to keep the doors open at Daystar

The Bike & Hike Thing is a 20 mile bike ride or a scenic hike that helps raise support for all that happens at Daystar Counseling Ministries including individual and group counseling for children. We’re excited to host our 22nd annual ride (& new hike!) at the Natchez Trace Parkway.

Daystar is committed to offering counseling to any family that walks through our doors regardless of their ability to pay. We have a $75,000 goal this fall to support our sliding scale. This allows us to serve over 1,400 clients annually at what one little girl called “the little yellow house that helps people.”

Saturday, October 28, 2017
Gather at 8:00AM
Adult Bike Ride & Family Hike at 9:00AM

Fall Picnic & Family Party 11:00AM

Garrison Creek (milepost 427.6) on the Natchez Trace Parkway


*We're doing things a little differently for this year's event...How can you get involved?* 

Adult Bike Ride *Due to the growing concern of the Natchez Trace & our board, all Bike Thing riders must be 18+ years to ride the Trace on Saturday.
We’re gathering a small, but mighty team of adults committed to riding & raising for Daystar! Riders 18+ years old join for a 20 or 40 mile ride along the Natchez Trace.

Family Hike
As always, this is the one time of year we ask kids and families to get involved in giving back to Daystar. For the first time ever...we are excited to invite kids, adults and families to a scenic hike with lots of surprises & adventures scattered along the way! We ask all to raise $1,000 in sponsorships to win a famous “Aunt Robbie Cake” and help Daystar keep rolling. 

Fall Picnic & Family Party
It’s the most beautiful time of year along the Natchez Trace with the cool fall weather and colorful changing leaves…Come out on Saturday October 28th at 11:00am for a finish line party and family celebration. We will have lively music, fall festivities, a Mexican food truck, and announcement of top fundraising prizes.

Whether you are a hiker, a biker, a Daystar family or friend…Come enjoy the day with us on the Trace at Garrison Creek! Lunch is $10/person for those not registered to bike or hike. 

Registration $40/individual biker or hiker, $100 family group rate...Includes a t-shirt & lunch.

Sponsor a specific person.
Give Offline and mail a check.



Take a deeper look into the story of Daystar...

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GOAL: $75,000.00
Raised: $90,031.64
Fundraisers Activity
Bailey's Thursday 4:30 Group$0.00
Catherine's Monday 4:30 Group$0.00
David's Monday 4:30 Group$80.40
Hannah's Monday 4:30 Group$0.00
Hannah's Tuesday 4:30 Group$0.00
Hannah's Wednesday 4:30 Group$0.00
Molly's Wednesday 4:30 Group$382.50
Sherman's Thursday 4:30 Group$0.00
Tommy's Monday 4:30 Group$80.40
Tommy's Tuesday 4:30 Group$0.00
Alex's Wednesday 5:00 Group$397.83
Sissy's Tuesday 5:00 Group$8,172.43
Sherman's Monday 5:15 Group$0.00
Tommy's Thursday 5:15 Group$0.00
Bailey's Tuesday 5:45 Group$419.00
Chelsea's Thursday 5:45 Group$348.00
Chelsea's Tuesday 5:45 Group$575.00
Alex's Monday 6:00 Group$50.00
Chelsea's Monday 6:00 Group$0.00
Sissy's Thursday 6:00 Group$50.00
Hannah's Monday 6:15 Group$0.00
Sherman's Thursday 6:15 Group$0.00
Sherman's Tuesday 6:15 Group$0.00
David's Tuesday 7:00 Group$0.00
Tommy's Thursday 7:15 Group$0.00
Mary Berndt$250.00
Susan Berthiaume$1,150.00
Grace Bollinger$1,000.00
Pamela Bollinger$750.00
Grace Bomar$100.00
Juliana Breeden$40.00
Jackie Brown$200.00
Jackie Brown$940.00
Sherman Bucher$1,570.00
Scott Corbin$450.00
Laurie Creech$165.00
Kaitlyn Crosby$1,500.00
David Denton$1,625.00
Caleb Devolld$1,001.63
Nelson Family$500.00
Reilly Cate Ferguson$135.00
Gabriel Garrett$150.00
Mark Gilliam$55.00
Sissy Goff$5,625.00
Allye Gray$1,700.00
Cameron Gray$40.00
Whitney Griffith$40.00
Joel Guinn$90.00
Tommy Hart$3,815.00
Catherine Hebert$1,000.00
Sydney Holofcener$1,155.00
Alex Hopkins$2,100.00
William Hopkins$40.00
Molly Howell$600.00
Lance Johnson$100.00
Chelsea Keyser$1,800.00
Kyle Killett$40.00
Mary Killett$7,630.00
Diane LaRue$100.00
Grace Maclachlan$300.00
Sydney Marks$340.00
Kaiser Martin$5,000.00
Sandra McCracken$2,250.00
Anna Moise$700.00
LeAnn Nichols$4,500.00
Sarah Nichols$140.00
Bailey Pantoja$1,015.00
Cameron Petty$90.00
Katie & Kris Plunkett$3,505.00
Bunny Porter-Shirley$3,215.00
Meredith Powell$140.00
James Richfield$100.00
Suzanne Salter$40.00
Emma Soechting$100.00
Lauren Sotelo$1,295.00
Cole Spencer$40.00
Sloan Strickland$175.00
David Thomas$5,075.00
Melissa Trevathan$4,725.00
Caroline Vaughn$40.00
Pace Verner$100.00
Kerry Watkins$650.00
Aaron & Kathleen Weber$4,254.45
Hannah Welbourn$1,825.00
Maddy Wester$615.00
Teams Activity
Alex's Monday 6:00 group$200.00
Alex's monday group$6,304.45
Alex's Wednesday 5:00 group$397.83
Bailey's Thursday 4:30 group$0.00
Bailey's Tuesday 5:45 group$554.00
Catherine & Allye's monday group$1,000.00
Catherine's Monday 4:30 Group$0.00
Chelsea and Anna's tuesday group$700.00
Chelsea's Monday 6:00 group$165.00
Chelsea's monday group$1,800.00
Chelsea's Thursday 5:45 group$963.00
Chelsea's Tuesday 5:45 group$4,325.00
David and Caleb's monday group$5,075.00
David d.'s tuesday group$1,625.00
David's Monday 4:30 group$80.40
David's Tuesday 7:00 group$0.00
Grace & Juliana$180.00
Hannah's Monday 4:30 group$0.00
Hannah's monday 6:15 group$0.00
Hannah's monday group$1,825.00
Hannah's Tuesday 4:30 group$0.00
Hannah's Wednesday 4:30 group$0.00
Molly's Wednesday 4:30 group$382.50
Molly's wednesday group$690.00
Nelson Family$540.00
Shameless Rabbit$3,215.00
Sherman and Meredith's thursday group$140.00
Sherman's Monday 5:15 group$0.00
Sherman's monday group$1,570.00
Sherman's Thursday 4:30 group$0.00
Sherman's Thursday 6:15 group$0.00
Sherman's Tuesday 6:15 group$0.00
Sissy's Thursday 6:00 group$50.00
Sissy's Tuesday 5:00 group$8,172.43
Sissy's tuesday group$4,625.00
The Beast Ballers$450.00
The Dream Team$200.00
Tommy's Monday 4:30 group$80.40
Tommy's monday group$3,815.00
Tommy's Thursday 5:15 gorup$0.00
Tommy's Thursday 7:15 group$0.00
Tommy's Tuesday 4:30 group$0.00
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