Saturday, October 28, 2017

8:00 AM Registration/Check-in
Meet at Garrison Creek (milepost 427.6)

On the Natchez Trace Parkway

Get your Bike & Hike Thing t-shirt

8:30 AM Warm-up & group exercises with Aaron and Emma

8:45 AM Group Photo

9:00 AM Adult Bike Ride & Family Hike BEGINS!

For Bikers...We will ride South along the Trace for 10 miles & celebrate at the halfway mark before turning around to head back for a celebration party at Garrison Creek. There will be festive “Sag Wagons” placed all along the route…Stop for a rest and refuel with an interesting assortment of snacks & drinks.

For Hikers...We will hike a 1.6 mile loop with additional challenge options. Keep your eyes open for surprises along the way!

11:00 AM Fall Picnic & Family Party 

Whether you are a biker, a hiker, a Daystar family or friend…Come enjoy a beautiful fall day with us & support the work of Daystar!

Lunch $10 for those not registered to bike or hike *Meal is included for all registered participants.

12:00 PM Awards ceremony



BIKE – In good working order

HELMET – Every rider needs one!

SPONSORSHIP MONEY – Any checks or cash you haven’t turned in already

WATER BOTTLE – You can refill them at the "Sag Wagons" 

JACKET/HAT – It is chilly at the start, so we suggest lots of layers!  


1. Observe traffic rules at ALL TIMES!

2. *New for 2017* Due to growing the growing concern of the Natchez Trace & our board for saftey, all riders on the Trace Saturday October 28 must be 18 years or older. However, friends of any age are welcome to join the hike!

3. Wear a helmet when you are riding.

4. Remember we are traveling on a parkway, so be aware of cars, other bikers, & use good judgment when passing or stopping.

5. Do not cross the road without adult supervision.

6. RIDE IN SINGLE FILE. The park rangers strongly enforce this rule!

7. Keep a safe distance between you & the biker in front of you, especially when traveling downhill.

8. Drink plenty of water during the day.

9. Eat a good breakfast & drink some water before you arrive. Being fed & hydrated will make the ride so much more fun.

10. The park rangers have asked that drivers do not follow in a vehicle. We will have roaming sag wagons & first aid cars.

11. Hikers must stay on the path.


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