Name Total Members Total Raised
Alex's Monday 6:00 group2$200.00
Alex's Wednesday 5:00 group1$397.83
Alex's monday group2$6,304.45
Bailey's Thursday 4:30 group1$0.00
Bailey's Tuesday 5:45 group2$554.00
Catherine & Allye's monday group1$1,000.00
Catherine's Monday 4:30 Group1$0.00
Chelsea's Monday 6:00 group2$165.00
Chelsea's Thursday 5:45 group2$963.00
Chelsea's Tuesday 5:45 group4$4,325.00
Chelsea's monday group1$1,800.00
Chelsea and Anna's tuesday group1$700.00
David's Monday 4:30 group1$80.40
David's Tuesday 7:00 group1$0.00
David and Caleb's monday group1$5,075.00
David d.'s tuesday group1$1,625.00
Grace & Juliana3$180.00
Hannah's Monday 4:30 group1$0.00
Hannah's Tuesday 4:30 group1$0.00
Hannah's Wednesday 4:30 group1$0.00
Hannah's monday 6:15 group1$0.00
Hannah's monday group1$1,825.00
Molly's Wednesday 4:30 group1$382.50
Molly's wednesday group2$690.00
Nelson Family1$540.00
Shameless Rabbit1$3,215.00
Sherman's Monday 5:15 group1$0.00
Sherman's Thursday 4:30 group1$0.00
Sherman's Thursday 6:15 group1$0.00
Sherman's Tuesday 6:15 group1$0.00
Sherman's monday group1$1,570.00
Sherman and Meredith's thursday group1$140.00
Sissy's Thursday 6:00 group1$50.00
Sissy's Tuesday 5:00 group1$8,172.43
Sissy's tuesday group1$4,625.00
The Beast Ballers1$450.00
The Dream Team1$200.00
Tommy's Monday 4:30 group1$80.40
Tommy's Thursday 5:15 gorup1$0.00
Tommy's Thursday 7:15 group1$0.00
Tommy's Tuesday 4:30 group1$0.00
Tommy's monday group1$3,815.00
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