2017 Long Trail Century Ride to benefit
Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports


Welcome to the registration site for #LTCR2017. This year Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports celebrates its 30th Anniversary - So our goal is to raise more than $300,000 to mark the milestone! That includes all rider fundraising, sponsors, donors, silent auction proceeds, BBQ tickets and more.

Each person must register individually. You will not be able to register multiple people in one transaction this year.


Register ON or BEFORE June 1, 2017 = $70 + minimum $100 fundraising requirement.

Registration Fee June 2 - 22, 2017 = $85 + minimum $100 fundraising requirement

Walk-In Registration
Friday, June 23 or Saturday, June 24, 2017 
= $100 + minimum $100 fundraising requirement

TEAM FUNDRAISING - Riders may join together as a team to fundraise (minimum of three people to make a team). BUT you must create your individual page first, then join a team. During registration you will have the chance to create a team or join a team. The first person to create the team becomes the "captain" and can manage the team. All others join as individuals. The top fundraising team will earn free entry into next year's ride - LTCR2018 plus a team photo on the event postcard next year. 

The annual Long Trail Century Ride to benefit Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports is a recreational bike ride with four different routes - a century ride, 60-mile and 20-mile, plus a family-friendly and adaptive 5K, which all start and end at Long Trail Brewery on Route 4 in Bridgewater Corners, Vermont. 

Remember, all riders have a minimum $100 fundraising requirement. Raise a minimum of $300 (not including your $70 rider registration fee) and you'll receive a special event bike jersey. Other incentives will be added at a later date. Only individuals can earn a special event bike jersey. Team fundraising cannot be combined to earn a jersey.

Learn more at www.longtrailcenturyride.com.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Long Trail Brewery - Killington, VT region

Kim Jackson

GOAL: $300,000.00
Raised: $11,855.00
Riders Activity
Elizabeth Allison$10.00
Claus Bartenstein$400.00
Andrew Bateson$0.00
John Baxter$100.00
Daryl Belock$100.00
Didier Berard$80.00
Carina Berg$155.00
Steve Bernier$100.00
Michael Bernstein$100.00
William Bessette$100.00
Katelyn Biedron$100.00
Shannon Blake$0.00
Richard Blank$0.00
Diane Bohman$100.00
Larry Bohman$100.00
Simon Brandon$0.00
Troyen Brennan$100.00
Loïc Briand$40.00
Jeffrey Brown$100.00
Kim Brown$100.00
Amanda Buckley$100.00
Jonathan Buckley$130.00
Paul Buckley$100.00
Jim Buffum$100.00
Maggie Burke$0.00
Alex Burns$100.00
Clare Burth$0.00
Bruce Butler$100.00
Terry Byrne$30.00
Megan Canty$0.00
Patricia Canty$100.00
Michelle Carr$0.00
Reed Carr$0.00
Jeffery Carter$100.00
Betsy Cavendish$0.00
Jason Chambers$25.00
Justin Charbonneau$0.00
James Chow $0.00
Sandra Chow$0.00
Ronald Close$0.00
Zachary Cole$30.00
Andy Cook$125.00
Christine Curtacci$0.00
Paul Curtacci$0.00
Janet Davis$100.00
Jason Davis$100.00
James DeFau$0.00
Nicole DeFau$0.00
Robert DeMeulemeester$20.00
Suzie DiGioia$0.00
Matthew Dillis$0.00
Jay Dobek$100.00
Samuel Donahue$0.00
Ed Donohue$0.00
Wendy Donohue$0.00
Mary Ann Droney $0.00
Diane Dumas$0.00
Jonathan Dunlap$100.00
John Eckert$0.00
Michael Eckert$0.00
Eric Engstrom$0.00
Chad Erickson$0.00
Kate Evans$75.00
Bram Fierstein$100.00
Jack Freeman$100.00
Mark Fritzen$0.00
Kathleen Gagnon$0.00
Mark Giometti$100.00
Patty Giometti$100.00
Jeffrey Goldsmith$0.00
Harry Grey$500.00
Paul Grupp$100.00
Nicole Haley$0.00
Annie Hamilton$0.00
Kyle Harned$0.00
Paige Harned$0.00
Shawn Harned$100.00
Michael Haviland$100.00
Susan Haviland$100.00
Andy Holt$0.00
Maggie Holt$0.00
Mia Homan$100.00
Kevin Hourihan$0.00
Sophia Hourihan$0.00
Alan Isaacson$100.00
Patrick Jacques$0.00
Bill Jeonnotte$100.00
Maureen Jeonnotte$100.00
Sheri Jepsen$100.00
DJ Jesser$0.00
Jason Jones$0.00
Timothy Jones$0.00
Harry Jos$0.00
David Keese $100.00
Cliff Kellogg$0.00
Margaret Kellogg$0.00
Margaret Keteltas$100.00
Jerry Kinsman$0.00
Nancy Knoepfel$0.00
Richard Lafontaine$100.00
Bernie Lambek$0.00
Michael Landon$0.00
Gary Laperle$0.00
Dan Latham$300.00
Nadine Lawliss$45.00
Bradley Leabourne$0.00
Norm Leblanc$100.00
Stacy Lee$0.00
Tom Lee$780.00
Joyce LeFebvre$0.00
Cynthia LoCastro$30.00
Jeffrey Luckett$290.00
Marcian Lytwyn$275.00
Lisa MacDonald$30.00
Lisa Mandel$100.00
Richard Mandel$100.00
Diana Manzanedo$70.00
Anne McKee$0.00
Ken McKee$0.00
Kevin McLain$50.00
Nancy McLain$0.00
Glen Miller$70.00
Michelle Mix$0.00
Kathleen Moore$0.00
Maggie Moore$0.00
Mill Moore$0.00
Chris Moy$0.00
Justin Moy$0.00
Nicholas Moy$0.00
Veronica Moy$0.00
Chris Petty$100.00
Kristen Petty$100.00
Simon Phillips$100.00
Molly Phillips-Hungerford$375.00
Jim Plasse$100.00
Sarah Polly$0.00
Steve Polly$0.00
Elisabeth Prial$100.00
Jonathan Prial$100.00
Erik Rasmussen$200.00
Jack Rasmussen$0.00
Kyle Rasmussen$0.00
Sarah Rasmussen$0.00
Stephen Remsen$100.00
Chris Richard$0.00
Kaitlyn Rimol$0.00
Brooke Robinson Drew$0.00
Nazanin Ronan$0.00
Robert Ronan$0.00
Robert Darius Ronan$0.00
Ryan Ronan$0.00
Andy Rovegno$100.00
Faye Rovegno$100.00
Claude Royal$0.00
Lindsey Runkel$0.00
Josiah Russell$0.00
Peter Russell$130.00
Tyler Ryan$0.00
Ed Sanborn$275.00
Prow Sarns$0.00
Heather Satterwhite$0.00
John Scala$0.00
Leesa Schipani$100.00
Laura Schutz$235.00
Sean Shortell$0.00
Scott Silverstein$25.00
Tom Skinner$0.00
Shaun Smith$0.00
Todd Snell$100.00
Peter Solomon$0.00
Kevin Spaulding$0.00
David Speis$0.00
LTCR2017 Sponsors$0.00
Danielle St. Laurent$300.00
Payton Stearns$0.00
Gregory Switzer$30.00
Craig Terwilliger$0.00
Todd Thompson$0.00
Frank Vetere$100.00
Peter Vetere$100.00
Monty Villatoro$0.00
Philip Von Schondorf $0.00
Wendy Warring$100.00
Brian Watts$100.00
Brandon Weinert$100.00
Christopher White$0.00
Deb Wiseman$100.00
Bill Wojcik$0.00
Cindy Woody$0.00
Katherine Yunker$365.00
Frank Zezza$0.00
Riders: 193
Teams Activity
Adaptive DH Crew$0.00
B Slope Bombers$100.00
Bike Stallionz$400.00
Blue Sky$200.00
Brew Crew$100.00
CaKes and Friends$0.00
Confused Mountain Bikers$330.00
Do Good Marketing$700.00
Downhill Derelicts$0.00
Gears for Beers$0.00
Go Stowe!$290.00
I Heart VT$200.00
I Think I Can, I Think I Can!$0.00
Kelly and the Vets$0.00
LTCR2017 Sponsors$0.00
Mad River Valley$200.00
Mass wheelers$100.00
MoonRise Farm$0.00
Outback Killington$30.00
Petting Zoo$10.00
Sassy Sorrel Ranch$0.00
Team Dassault Systemes$0.00
Team Go Fast Take Chances!$560.00
Team Justin$0.00
Team Killington Resort Employees$0.00
Team Okemo$0.00
Team Petty$200.00
Team Tri and the Cute Patrol$810.00
The Jack Pack$200.00
Twin State Mountaineers$0.00
Vorlage Ski Club$875.00
Wheels Butler$100.00
Wounded Warriors SOAR$0.00
team LIFE$0.00
Teams: 37
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