Paddles up!
Join us as Knox Area Rescue Ministries (KARM) celebrates the 15th Annual KARM Dragon Boat Festival at the Cove at Concord Park, on June 17, 2017.

Paddlers competing in the KARM Dragon Boat Festival commit to raise pledges in order to support the many life-saving programs that KARM offers the homeless in our community. Register your team online, have each team member set up their personal page, and start fundraising! On June 17th, join hundreds of other paddlers competing out on the water.

For event information or assistance, please contact Steve Clabough at 865-633-7623, sclabough@karm.org.   


GOAL: $300,000.00
Raised: $4,026.00
Individuals Activity
Paige McDaniel$1,000.00
Ginny Wagner$1,000.00
Test Matthew$1,000.00
Michelle Grubb$1,000.00
Knox Area Rescue Ministries$26.00
Christy Ball$0.00
Richard McCutcheon$0.00
Sarah McNally$0.00
Courtney Monroe$0.00
Sabrina Najhawan$0.00
R. Mayo$0.00
David Ball$0.00
Kelly Johnson$0.00
Taylor Hudson$0.00
Yvonne Key$0.00
Julie King$0.00
Amanda Loveday$0.00
Drew Nelson$0.00
Tracie Quinones$0.00
Test Test$0.00
Jane Taylor $0.00
Angie Tierney$0.00
Rich Tierney$0.00
Hunter Baird$0.00
Daniel Tabor$0.00
Kara Stevens$0.00
Emilee Riehn$0.00
Justin Holland$0.00
David Smith$0.00
Mariah Smith$0.00
Anthony Soppet$0.00
Lacey Wright$0.00
Brandy Holland$0.00
Will Bunch$0.00
Melissa Bunch$0.00
Heather Casciano$0.00
Stacy Casteel$0.00
Chris Crawford$0.00
Layna Clester$0.00
Nicole Buffington$0.00
Katie Britton$0.00
Michael Bernard$0.00
Elisabeth Bernard$0.00
Spencer Bernard$0.00
Jerry Brewer$0.00
David Britton$0.00
Arlayna Dragon$0.00
Brianna Dragon$0.00
Bethani Fisher$0.00
Tracie Dragon$0.00
Michelle Gilbert$0.00
Maria Adams$0.00
Molly Grubb$0.00
Tonya Dragon$0.00
Tessa Dragon$0.00
Caitlyn Dragon$0.00
Brooke Dragon$0.00
Debra Dragon$0.00
Kendra Dragon$0.00
Shameka Dragon $0.00
Alex Bernard$0.00
Teams Activity
test rowers$1,000.00
Rodefer Moss$1,000.00
Thursday Hackers$1,000.00
TIS - Here We Row Again$1,000.00
Test - Rose$0.00
test rowers 2$0.00
Serenity Princess Paddlers$0.00
FCUMC Feeding Frenzy$0.00
Homes for Heroes Knoxville$0.00
Radio Waves$0.00
CU Rowers$0.00
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