Name Total Members Total Raised
2 Fit 2 Float - CNS23$1,080.00
21st Mortgage Corporation22$1,100.00
Accenture Dreadnought21$8,444.87
Avkem Avengers7$2,670.00
Bruce's Buddies23$2,505.00
Buns In The Boat1$0.00
CU Rowers2$1,000.00
Dawn Treaders4$5,055.00
FCUMC Feeding Frenzy10$11,079.11
Girl's Day Out21$1,000.00
Homes for Heroes Knoxville17$100.00
J's Crew1$3,100.00
KARM family and friends29$7,295.00
On the Row'd Again22$100.00
Principle Paddlers25$2,615.50
Pugh Pirates28$1,400.00
Radio Waves24$255.00
Rodefer Moss13$1,000.00
Secret City Mad Paddlers20$1,000.00
Serenity Princess Paddlers22$8,934.00
Sevier County Homeschoolers1$0.00
Strata-G Force6$16,483.00
TIS - Here We Row Again21$1,250.00
Team Clayton17$430.00
Team Clayton217$0.00
Tennessee Heat1$0.00
The Resusciatators1$2,390.00
The Resuscitators1$0.00
The Trust Company1$1,100.00
The Young and the Rest of Us1$1,326.00
Thursday Hackers22$2,850.00
Wood Properties14$805.00
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