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Eric's Walk Inspiration Message

“This is why I walk, and why I invite you to do the same. Every moment is a gift and I intend to live an active, full life.” ~ Eric

When you get your diagnosis of Parkinson’s, particularly young-onset, it can be devastating to both the individual and those who love them. You tend to go through stages; cycling through shock, grief, anger, etc. For me, I quickly decided it was foolish to feel sorry for myself. I continue to live life. I have a wonderful wife who supports me. I work. When possible, I walk to “keep moving”. Yes, there are limits, but I consider every moment a gift.

Shortly after I was diagnosed, my wife Victoria happened to notice PFWPA’s office while driving her daily route. It was “meant to be” as she turned around and stopped by to inquire about their services.

PFWPA is a great resource to connect people like me, and others with programs, support groups and even doctors! We participate in Step Forward Pittsburgh every year and enjoy the connections we make as a result.

Each individual with PD will have similar symptoms, but a “different disease” than the person next to them. I am learning to live with the challenges I face through grace and humor, and intend to continue to live an active, full life.


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