Outreach for Hope Family Bike Ride

The 10th Annual Outreach for Hope Family Bike Ride was a real success!

Hundreds of riders and volunteers enjoyed a sunny, pleasant morning on September 9 in celebration of the 10th annual Ride.  Thanks to all those who rode or volunteered.  It was a great fellowship gathering of people from throughout the Greater Milwaukee Synod, enjoying the friendships made over the years and forming new friendships on a beautiful fall day.  All to help raise funds to support the ministries funded by Outreach for Hope.  

Based on tabulations to date, we are close to hitting our goal of raising $110,000.  Between now and October 1, we hope to achieve and even beat that goal.  How can we do that? 

Click to see 2 ways that you can still participate -


Support a Rider, a Virtual Rider, or a Volunteer by making a donation on their personal web page.  Your donation will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $25,000, by an anonymous donor.   

You can donate directly to Outreach for Hope by simply clicking on DONATE NOW.  Be inspired to donate generously by the example of our sponsors and others who have already donated almost $100,000!

And then mark your calendar to join in the fun of next year's Ride on September 8, 2018.

Celebrate the 10th Annual Ride with the purchase of a commemorative navy blue hooded sweatshirt (with white screen print of 10th Annual Ride logo) or a granite blue short sleeve polo shirt (with white embroidered Outreach for Hope logo).  Both items can be purchased when you Support or Donate.  Profits from sales will benefit Outreach for Hope. 

Want to receive a free sweatshirt?  Just register and receive at least $300 in support donations from family and friends. 


View the video below to get a glimpse of the 2017 Ride and hear about what the Ride means to Outreach for Hope and the people and ministries it supports.  

Join in the fun this year on September 9, 2017!





GOAL: $110,000.00
Raised: $110,384.66
Registrants Activity
Cheryl Ades Anspach$170.00
Larry Alber$135.00
Doug Andersen$50.00
Jennifer Arnold$230.00
Linda Arshem$620.00
John Augustine$2,830.00
Mark Babich$70.00
Anita Baker$0.00
Veronica Barfield$0.00
Dianna Bednar$85.00
Tom Beranek$100.00
Ralph Berglund$235.00
Jeremy Beyerlein$170.00
Jim Bickel$360.00
Katie Bickel$35.00
Nathan Bickel$470.00
Andrew Bidney$200.00
David Bischmann$0.00
Heidi Bischmann$775.00
John Bischoff$1,927.70
Jane Blackman$185.00
Leslie Boettcher$0.00
Beth Bolling$25.00
Brian Bolling$95.00
Marcel Bords$0.00
Reid Bowers$35.00
David Breckenfelder$1,170.00
Kathy & Doug Bue$155.00
Dawn Bunnell$75.00
Lloyd Buth$20.00
Justine Cadena$35.00
Carolyn Cain$100.00
Denaysiah Campbell$0.00
DJ Campbell$0.00
Jeff Campbell$670.00
Lori Cannestra$295.00
Jennifer Carlson$130.00
Eligio Cavazos$35.00
Ivan Christopherson$50.00
Michael Cochenet$35.00
Tony Colgrove$35.00
Jack Congleton$35.00
Cheri Conners$70.00
Diana Costigan$50.00
James Costigan$50.00
Cheticka Cotton$0.00
Courvosia Cotton$0.00
Willie Mae Cotton$0.00
Timothy Culhane$155.00
Marty Dambekaln$135.00
Mari Danzer$125.00
Amber Davis$0.00
Kelly Davis$450.00
Mark Davis$0.00
Sabryna Davis$0.00
William Davis$140.00
Bob DeFrank$35.00
Barbara Deichl$70.00
Jeffrey Dohlby$690.00
Michael Dornemann$60.00
Patrick Dowling$85.00
Janiah Doyle$0.00
Mike Driscoll$170.00
James Edgar$50.00
Antoine Edwards$0.00
Antonjah Edwards$0.00
Maliea Edwards$0.00
Mariah Edwards$0.00
Ted Ellis$0.00
Wendy Enockson$105.00
Karl Erickson$1,010.00
Mark Erickson$70.00
Paul Erickson$310.00
Becky Fetters$70.00
Linda Filler$0.00
John Flanner$35.00
Gordon Fleury$0.00
Outreach For Hope$70,765.61
Sandra Forbes$35.00
Jay Ford$70.00
D James Fruit Jr$210.00
Diane Gaido$0.00
Nolan Galbraith$3.00
Lisa Garber$75.00
Leslie Gardner$170.00
Barb Geiger$85.00
Kevin Gilbert$150.00
Jeff Girard$170.00
Blondie Green$100.00
Craig Greenwood$135.00
Eric Grimstad$135.00
Jule Groh$200.00
Michael Groh$2,140.00
Rosie Haas$115.00
Jim Hahn$555.00
Cynthia Halverson$70.00
David Hammer$3,210.00
Gerald Hanson$70.00
Meredy Hase$535.00
Carol Hegland$185.00
Gabbie Heiden$0.00
Darlene Hibbard$35.00
Connie Higgins$0.00
MaryBeth Hoffman $10.00
Beth Hoffmann$255.20
Tom Hoffmann$145.00
Joyce Holland$0.00
Brian Hooper$135.00
Connie Jacob$0.00
Randy Jacob$70.00
Eugene Joerres$110.00
Vivian Johnson$0.00
Javon Jones$0.00
Lindsay Jordan$300.00
Cheryl Kane$35.00
Marie Kearney$35.00
Ruth Kent$235.00
Angela Khabeb$320.00
Jon Kilmer$35.00
Julie King$135.00
Jeffrey Kirk$90.00
Jill Klitz$47.15
Joseph Kohls$70.00
Kimberly Kuehl$35.00
Anna Lamer$0.00
Phyllis Lardinois$35.00
Jaime Larson-McLoone$155.00
Audrey Lasse$0.00
Gary Liedtke$100.00
Jim Lieske$70.00
Abe Linc$0.00
Robert Lovelace$0.00
Joyce Lovely$95.00
Stephanie Luedtke$70.00
Margaret Lusiba$300.00
Diana Luttmann$105.00
Daren Maas$265.00
Carol Mainwaring$120.00
Michael Mangold$0.00
Christopher Manke$200.00
Cathy Marschall $0.00
Jon Marschall $525.00
Kimi Marshall$285.00
JP Maschke$70.00
Carolyn Masterson$40.00
Dave McAdow$90.00
John McGroarty$125.00
Charlotte McMahon$0.00
April Merrills$0.00
Kristina Meuer$0.00
Michael Mikecz$75.00
Maripat Monahan$50.00
Elaine Monis$100.00
George Monis$0.00
Cartier Moore$0.00
Cayden Moore$0.00
Chavas Moore$0.00
Bull Moose$0.00
Jayda Morrow$0.00
Maleysia Morrow$0.00
Steven Mueller$135.00
Pastor Aida Muniz Socorro$0.00
Julia Murphy$70.00
Tim Muth$250.00
Nancy Nadolny$85.00
Tiffany Nash$0.00
Bryce Nelson$70.00
Kathy Neubert$0.00
John Newman$110.00
Kristin Nielsen$70.00
Dan Olson$35.00
Tom Pietz$70.00
James Plaster$35.00
Richard Quinlan$0.00
Rita Reinke$70.00
Lisa Reuter$70.00
Gary Roesch$70.00
Barbara Romanowski$70.00
Chris Rudolph$70.00
Scot Ruffatto$35.00
Andre Salton$0.00
Josiah Salton$0.00
Sarah Scheiber$320.00
Carl Scheid$35.00
Julie Schmidt$35.00
Margaret Schoewe$70.00
Marge Schroeder$10.00
Sara Schroeder$35.00
Maurice (POPS) Scruggs$70.00
Tom Seegert$235.00
Eugene Seitz$410.00
Matthew Short$70.00
Bonnie Siegel$70.00
Randy Sikkema$35.00
Danica Skarbek$0.00
Brenda Skelton$85.00
Austin Slominski$25.00
Philip Smith$100.00
James Snell$60.00
Carol Spieker$35.00
Steve Spieker$55.00
Jim Spotts$70.00
Joyce Springmann$35.00
Julie Starks$100.00
James Stein$35.00
Matt Stein$300.00
Kim Steiner$35.00
Bob Stoll$865.00
Greg Strand$150.00
Steven Stretz$95.00
Vickie Stretz$25.00
Candi Strong$0.00
Bob Thays$535.00
Katherine Thomson$35.00
Chan Tran$70.00
Robert Videkovich$85.00
Diane Voit$150.00
Neil Voskuil$70.00
Lynn Waedekin$35.00
Hugh Walrath$35.00
Beverly Waltz$70.00
Geo Wash$0.00
Vivian Watkins$35.00
John Weiss$70.00
Larry Westfield$725.00
Liz Westfield$767.00
Carol White$0.00
Keondre Williams$0.00
Keondre Williams$0.00
Kate Winckler$70.00
Brian Zach$70.00
Registrants: 233
Teams Activity
All Peoples Church 2017$1,425.00
All Saints Volunteers$150.00
ASLC Riders$525.00
Atonement Muskego$170.00
Atonement Muskego Outreaching$105.00
Augustine Financial$2,930.00
Christ the King Delafield$3,615.00
Church of the Resurrection - Pewaukee$435.00
Cross Ixonia$670.00
DMLC Bikers$2,052.00
Galileans (Galilee Church in Pewaukee)$1,785.00
Luedtke family$120.00
Mt. Carmel$225.00
Nate's Crew$590.00
Our Savior's Oconomowoc$4,210.00
Our Saviors- Hartland$1,405.00
Spirit Spinners (Ascension - Waukesha)$2,380.00
St. Luke's Waukesha$200.00
St. Mark's Hope on Wheels (HOW)$330.00
St. Matthew's TOSA$200.00
St. Olaf$265.00
St. Stephen the Martyr$305.00
Team Hephatha$0.00
Team Khabeb$480.00
Team Scooby$150.00
Unity Brookfield$85.00
Teams: 30
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