In June 1967, a group of dedicated parents and professionals planted the seeds of a new school. Opening with just 26 students in a McKeesport church, the school provided a caring environment with individualized instruction where children advanced at their own “pace.”

From those seeds, Pace School has grown into a state licensed Approved Private School and Partial Hospitalization Program serving more than 140 children each year whose Autism and behavioral challenges create barriers to learning.

Regardless of the challenge or diagnosis, Pace finds a way to provide each child the opportunity to thrive.

And they do…

We hope to celebrate and commemorate this golden anniversary year by raising $50,000 for the students of Pace school. All proceeds will go directly to the students. There are several ways you can help in this 50 for 50 campaign!

  • Donate! Every dollar helps and there is no donation too small!
  • Share! Simply share the link on social media or email to your friends and family!
  • Create! Have your own Pace story you want to share? You can create your own personal page!
  • Party! The evening of May 13th promises to be a very special evening!  We will be honoring 13 individuals and their roles enriching the lives of children throughout Pace's history.  Join us and meet some of our founders, board members, advisors and staff.  Tickets are on sale now!
  • Sponsor! Have a local business that needs some good publicity? Consider sponsorship of the 50th events and get your name and logo on websites, social media, and promotional items!
GOAL: $50,000.00
Raised: $20,800.00
Registrants Activity
Martin Becker$0.00
Marilan Caito$250.00
Debbi Casini Klein$0.00
James Earle$550.00
Brian Fagan$0.00
Brett Fulesday$0.00
Robert Gold$1,350.00
Megan Guidi$505.00
Erin Holland$0.00
James Isler$0.00
Erika Kestenberg$25.00
Shannon Koch$150.00
Maureen Mahoney Hill$425.00
Chris Millard$10.00
David Mosey$0.00
Tricia Norris$0.00
Lynda Petrichevich$0.00
Walter Reineman$2,000.00
John Rushford$0.00
Pace School$11,250.00
Jennifer Seng$650.00
Karen Shepherd$1,175.00
Shawntae Spencer$1,450.00
Gerri Sperling$375.00
David Thompson$0.00
Cameil Williams$635.00
Jimil Wilson$0.00
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