3v3 Basketball

The 2018 Hoops for a Cure Basketbell event to benefit the ACPMP Research Foundation is scheduled for April 15th starting at 9 AM! Due to a technical issue, we will be holding this years Challenge at Rocky River Elementary.

Set up your team! Fundraise as a team! Earn Prizes! Have fun!

Late registration will be available the day of the event up until 30 minutes before the first game. Online registration will close Saturday before the event.  


  • The winner of by coin toss, other method as determined by referee chooses possession or direction of play.  
  • The game is played to 21 points or a winner at 15 minutes, whichever occurs first. All baskets are 1 point.
  • When one team reaches 11 baskets, teams must change ends. There is a 1 minute halftime break.
  • Dunking is legal, but goaltending on both ends is not allowed.
  • Traditional high school basketball rules will be used. Due to time allotted, Referees judgement will be used for calling fouls. Hard/Excessive/Flagarent fouls will not be allowed and participants will be asked to leave the premises immediately and not return.
  • In an effort to expedite games, fouls called will result in providing the fouled team the ball at the top of the key.
  • At the start of the second half, the team that is losing starts with the ball.
  • Costumes are encouraged but not required... best costume will win a prize! This event is for fun to raise funds for cancer research. So have fun! 

PLEASE NOTE: In all situations not explicitly defined in these rules, normal basketball rules apply. 

Teams are broken down by age groups. 

  • 6-8 Registration fee $20 per player 
  • 9-10 Registration fee $20 per player
  • 11-13 Registration fee $20 per player
  • 14-Adult Registration fee $20 per player

PLEASE NOTE. age groups are specific to age. We cannot allow younger players to play up nor older players to play down. If you register a team and all players are not in that age group, you will not be allowed to play and will forfeit your spot.

** Registration fees will increase the week of the event. 

Additional Details

  • Minimum of 2 games per team *team slots are limited
  • Players must pay their registration fee when registering
  • Teams are not required to fundraise however it is encouraged. Fundraisers will be entered for prizes. The 2 teams with the highest fundraising total will win entry into the Finals for their bracket to play for bragging rights!
  • Participants may not participate on more than one team.
  • All team members must be in the same age group. All age groups are Co-Ed.
  • If participants are deemed to be putting other participants at risk by event officials, you will be asked to leave the event. The event is meant to be fun for participants of all skill levels.


  • Create a player fundraising page 
  • Registration fee is due at the time of registration 
  • A donation link will be established on your player page for you to use with family and friends for online donations.
  • Donations received via your link or in person the day of the event will count towards your overall team total
  • You may receive and turn in cash/check donations the day of the event or mail to Scott Montgomery using this form.
  • Donations cannot be split between teams
  • Own a business? We are looking for sponsors! Check out of sponsor page for our packages.
  • Teams with highest fundraising totals in each bracket are guaranteed a spot in next years event. Game schedule will be determined 3 days before the day of the event. 

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