See you Saturday, September 16th
at Station Square!

Please join the Lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania (LFP) for the 22nd Annual Lupus Loop 5k & Fun Walk!

Saturday, September 16th, 2017
Station Square | Pittsburgh, PA


Support our mission by raising funds for a vital cause ~ come to be active & well ~ enjoy time with family & friends ~ spoil your dog at the "DOG JOG" ~ participants enjoy a FREE lunch provided by the Pittsburgh Barbeque Company ~ learn more about lupus ~ visit our new "SHOPPING LOOP" area with local vendors ~ check out the fun in the "KIDS ZONE" ~ find more ways to get involved!

Registration Levels
General Registration: $35 
Child Registration (children 5 years old and under): $10
Dog Registration: $10 



Registration: 8:00am
Runners: 9:00am
Walkers and Dogs: 10:00am
Awards Presentation & Lunch Following 
GOAL: $50,000.00
Raised: $6,780.00
Participants Activity
Mary Bedont$35.00
Christy Beehner$35.00
Paul Belak$35.00
Paul Belak$35.00
Denise Boyle$35.00
Samantha Boyle$35.00
Patti Buck-Torrey$35.00
Dylan Crain$35.00
Eli Crain$35.00
Jon Crain$35.00
Sara Crain$35.00
Joseph Crowley$85.00
Ben Dabat$50.00
Victoria DiBasilio$135.00
Jill Dodin$35.00
Don Farrow$45.00
Kim Farrow$270.00
Barbara Feathers$35.00
Zachary Feathers$35.00
Felicia Ferraro$35.00
John Ferraro$55.00
Marco Ferraro$45.00
Melissa Ferraro$0.00
Lupus Foundation Of Pennsylvania$0.00
Tammy Gray$35.00
Ronald "Guze" Guzak$190.00
Marissa Halchak$35.00
Jeff Heleniak$145.00
Rosalyn Heleniak$155.00
Amber Hinnebusch$60.00
Cherie Hinnebusch$135.00
John Hogle$35.00
Ken Hornfeck$35.00
Alex Hosko$35.00
Adam Johnson$50.00
Christine Knudsen$35.00
Eric Knudsen$35.00
Sienna Knudsen$10.00
Joan Kundra$35.00
BethAnne Lankey$110.00
Betsy Lankey$35.00
Jennifer Mcdonough$35.00
Ellen Mooney $135.00
Cindy Murry$35.00
Ed Murry$35.00
Kelly Nicolaus$35.00
Linda Pokos$35.00
Mark Pokos$35.00
Sarah Polito$35.00
Tori Potock$35.00
Deb Prisby$35.00
Farrah Rahimzadeh$35.00
Alexis Ratkay$35.00
Lily Ratkay$35.00
Tiffany Rouse $35.00
Michael Simpson$35.00
Heather Sprouse$85.00
Manuela St. Jean$50.00
Krista Stinebiser $35.00
Casey Theys$100.00
Christie Theys$45.00
Mason Torrey$35.00
Alice Trotter$10.00
Richard Trotter$35.00
Tricia Trotter$35.00
Bill VandeVord$35.00
Jessica Walker$35.00
Teams Activity
Amber's Advocates$450.00
BA's Lupus Kickers$145.00
Birthday for a Cause$100.00
Farrow's Fighters$545.00
Ferraro Feet Fleet$150.00
Karen's Team$775.00
Lord MuskRogers$35.00
Sara's Lupus Warriors$140.00
Sharon Hogle$35.00
Team Joan$35.00
Team Polito$485.00
Tiffany's Lupsters$35.00
Tracey's Troop$35.00
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