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On behalf of the Western PA Chapter of the Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and the Pittsburgh Planned Giving Council (PPGC), we invite you to partner with us for the Emerging Philanthropy Conference 2017, the region's premier forum for donor-focused philanthropy.

Last year, we welcomed over 250 fundraising professionals from the tri-state area.

Why participate...

The Pittsburgh region's nonprofit sector, with an economic value in the $billions, has substantial purchasing power. This conference will maximize the visibility and distinctiveness of your brand and help you grow your share of this market. In 2016, 120 different health care, education, social services, arts and environmental organizations were represented.

Most companies have limits on the number of events they can support which makes this conference an excellent value. Because the conference serves a large, organizationally diverse audience, your sponsorship strengthens numerous organizations and returns a greater downstream impact on the nonprofit community than most individual fundraising events.

Please join us at this incredible networking opportunity to market your services, gain recognition and establish relationships in the fundraising community.
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