Community Employment

Achieva has provided people with disabilities employment training and opportunities for more than 25 years. Over 30 Employment Specialists are dedicated to matching workers to employment that corresponds to their skills and interests.

Achieva's Employment Specialists will connect you with work incentive planning and assistance to help with cash and medical benefits and will develop an employment plan around the needs of each individual situation.

Career Assessment

Career assessment is a person-centered, individualized employment assessment used to assist in the identification of potential career options, including self-employment, based upon the interests and strengths of the participant. Career assessment may include discovery activities. 

Career assessment includes: 

  • Gathering and conducting a review of the job seeker's interests, skills, and work or volunteer history. 
  • Conducting Community-Based Work Assessments (CBAs) to assess the job seeker's interests and aptitudes in specific employment situations. 
  • Conducting informational interviews. 
  • Identifying types of jobs in the community that match the job seeker's interests, strengths and skills. 
  • Developing a career assessment report that specifies recommendations regarding the job seeker's needs, interests, strengths, and characteristics of potential work environments. The career assessment report also specifies training or skills development necessary to achieve the job seeker's career goals. 


Job Finding and Development

Job finding and development includes employer outreach and orientation, job searching, job development, resume preparation and interview assistance. Other activities may include participation in individual planning for employment, development of job-seeking skills, development of job skills specific to a job being sought, job analysis, consulting with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), benefits counseling agencies, or Ticket to Work employment networks on behalf of a job seeker, or self-employment assistance. Job finding and development may include customized job development. Customized job development means individualizing the employment relationship between employees and employers in a way that matches the needs of the employer with the assessed strengths, skills, needs, and interests of the job seeker, either through task reassignment, job carving, or job sharing. Job finding and development may also include negotiating the conditions for successful employment with a prospective employer including tasks, wages, hours and support. 


Job Coaching and Support

Job coaching and support consists of training the employee on job assignments, periodic follow-up, or ongoing support with participants and their employers. This may include systematic instruction. The service must be necessary for participants to maintain acceptable job performance and work habits, including assistance in learning new work assignments, maintaining job skills, and achieving performance expectations of the employer. Other examples of activities include direct intervention with an employer, employment-related personal skills instruction, support to re-learn job tasks, training to assist participants in using transportation to and from work, worksite orientation, job aide development, coordination of accommodations, ensuring assistive technology is utilized as specified in the plan, maintenance of appropriate work and interpersonal behaviors on the job, follow-along services at the work site after OVR-funded services are discontinued or OVR referral requirements are satisfied, and technical assistance and instruction for the participant’s coworkers that will enable peer support. As part of a employee's ongoing use of job coaching and support, a fading plan is developed to address how use of this service will decrease as the employee's productivity and independence on the job increases and as he or she develops unpaid supports through coworkers and other on-the-job resources.


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