Pathway to Employment

The Pathway to Employment is a service offered to current participants of ACHIEVA's Employment Supports.  This is achieved by guiding participants through an exploration of community employment possibilities and helping potential job seekers develop the skills necessary for employment success.

ACHIEVA’s goal is to help people make informed decisions, contribute to their communities, and experience the benefits that come with increased community participation.

If you or someone you know is interested in selecting ACHIEVA for Employment Supports, please contact your local Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) for assistance. After meeting with an OVR counselor, you will have the opportunity to select ACHIEVA as a service provider.


Each participant in ACHIEVA’s Pathway to Employment will have their own customized plan that may include some or all of following services.

Community Employment Interest Expressed

A person currently receiving Employment Supports through ACHIEVA makes a choice to explore what community employment has to offer

Informational Team Meeting

ACHIEVA Employment Planning Specialist coordinates a meeting with a person’s support team to discuss community employment possibilities and the overall process.  

Support team members include (the person themselves, family members, supports coordinators, employment team members, employment specialists, residential staff, etc.)

Exploration of Funding and possible OVR Intake Meeting

Intake meeting with ACHIEVA Community Employment and PA

OVR (Office of Vocational Rehabilitation)

Discovery/Community-Based Assessment (CBA) Process

The goal of this process is to learn more about the person’s strengths, preferences, and possible contributions in community-based work settings. They will work individually with a team of Employment Specialists and the process usually lasts 2-4 months.

2nd Team Meeting to discuss results of CBA process

We reconvene with the person and their support team to share what has been learned through the Discovery/CBA process.

Benefits Counseling

We know that working can possibly affect SSI/SSDI and medical benefits and create a barrier to employment.  ACHIEVA will make a referral for benefits counseling to get accurate information so that a person and their team can make an informed choice when deciding on the type and hours of employment that make sense.

Job Development

If the person would like to explore community employment, ACHIEVA’s Employment Specialists will work with them and their support team on developing a community employment opportunity.  

Employment Supports on the Job and further funding explored

ACHIEVA has learned that long term employment success depends on a good job fit and appropriate supports. Supports will look different for each individual. ACHIEVA is committed to providing supports to maintain personal safety and maximize functional interdependence.

The job coaching supports for the first 90 days of employment are built into the OVR contract. Supports after that will be at a frequency and duration agreed upon by the support team.

Our Goal

Different people need different kinds of supports to succeed in community employment. Some people are able to utilize natural supports and reduce (fade) their use of paid professional supports very quickly. Others may need more time to have their paid professional supports faded. There are other people who may not have sufficient natural supports at their job site to experience significant fading of ongoing professional supports over the course of their careers.

While it is our goal to help people achieve the greatest freedom to maximize their contributions to their communities and to experience the benefits of community participation, we also recognize that most organizations and communities are not yet sufficiently developed to fully support people with more complex support needs. For people with complex support needs we will do our best to provide the professional ongoing community-based employment supports according to individual need and funding authorization.


For more information, please contact the ACHIEVA Employment Supports at or complete this form.