'A Home of My Own' Team Members

Team Members

Michelle Stockunas, Project Manager

Michelle Stockunas has more than 21 years of experience in the disability field in the areas of behavioral health, intellectual disabilities, and young adult transition services. Her experience in the disabilities field includes all aspects of residential services, including direct care of those with disabilities, assisting individuals and their families to create residential opportunities in the community, as well as both supervisory and management experience. Her experience and knowledge of direct support, residential operations, and the ID (intellectual disability) system, as well as policy, in combination with foreseeing a necessary change in how we support individuals with disabilities, was the driving force that led to her involvement in the "A Home of My Own" project.  Michelle and the team members of Supports Brokers and Life Coaches offer customized community living to individuals with disabilities.

Michelle is a Certified Investigator for the state of Pennsylvania, ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of those with disabilities. She received her B.A. in Psychology from the California University of Pennsylvania.

Eric Schubert, Supports Broker

Eric Schubert has more than 22 years of experience working in the fields of intellectual disability (ID), behavioral disability, mental health diagnoses, and autism. Eric’s experience includes all aspects of residential services, including direct care of those with disabilities, as well as management experience. He has experience and knowledge of: residential policies and procedures; preparing budgets to meet the needs of the individuals residing in his homes; creating and updating Individual Service Plans, as necessary;  and overseeing residential operations within the ID system.  Eric will work with HMO Supports Brokers and Life Coaches, as well as Supports Coordinators, to offer customized community living to individuals with disabilities.

Eric is a Certified Housing Manager for the state of Pennsylvania, ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of those with disabilities. He received his B.S. in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh.

Tom Vash, Supports Broker

Tom Vash has been working in the Human Services field for more than 15 years.  During this time, he has worked with individuals with mental health issues, intellectual disabilities and autism in many different settings. This has included employment, janitorial enclaves, consumer-run businesses, non-traditional day and senior's program,s and residential community homes.  Tom has held positions in direct care and management throughout his career.

Tom received his B.S. from the University of Pittsburgh. Post-graduation, he continued his education by attending the Cyril Wecht Institute through Duquesne University and received a certification in Forensic Science & Law.

Supports Brokers

ACHIEVA's Supports Brokers: Eric Schubert, Kaylynn Petri and Tom Vash.

Achieva's supports brokers will work with you to assess your family member's community living skills. The supports broker will listen to your ideas about where, and with whom, your family member would like to live. We will also include your family member's supports coordinator in these discussions. We will then assist in locating housing and determine the amount of paid and natural supports that your family member will require to live safely outside of the family home. Once these decisions are made, we will work with the supports coordinators to develop or change your family member's Individual Support Plan (ISP) and to obtain authorization for services. We hope that you will take the next step to schedule a meeting to further discuss "A Home of My Own" and other resources and benefits your family member with a disability may be entitled to receive. We will be happy to schedule a time and place to meet that is convenient for you.

Life Coaches

"A Home of My Own" life coaches are provided to each person based on the individual's needs. This can be for a few hours daily, weekly, or monthly. The main goal of "A Home of My Own" is for individuals to live as independently as possible with some assistance from life coaches. Please click here for "A Home of My Own" Focusing on Community Living Skills. "A Home of My Own" life coaches are hired and employed through Achieva. Achieva recruits new life coaches as they are needed; however, families can refer to their current support staff, family, or friends, to work with their loved ones. If a family is interested in referring their current support staff to Achieva or wants a family or friend to provide supports they can click here and review the job description and complete an application. Once an application is completed, the applicant will receive a call from Achieva Human Resources, have an initial telephone interview, and they may be asked to come in for a second interview with an "A Home of My Own" manager. Once hired, all life coaches go through orientation. Please click here for the mandatory orientation and training schedule.