Access Untapped Talent

Access Untapped Talent


While Achieva exists to support people with disabilities in their quest to live their life in the most meaningful and productive manner possible, our Business Services initiative treats you – the business – as our primary customer. Achieva Business Services will prioritize the talent needs of your business, and then work with your existing human resources team to identify and onboard qualified talent and make sure that your staff investment is protected.  

A company’s most important role in partnering with Achieva is recognizing that people with disabilities make great employees. We can do the rest. It’s that simple.




Business Role

  • Make an internal declaration that people with disabilities can and should be part of the talent solution 

  • Identify talent needs within the business 

  • Set hiring and retention goals 

  • Establish expectation that everyone must be treated equally and held accountable to the same standards

  • Embrace the expertise offered by Achieva to attract, hire, onboard and retain talent with disabilities

Achieva's Role

  • Treat your business as our primary customer 

  • Perform its role with the recognition that people with disabilities must meet and fit into the requirements of the business 

  • Focus efforts on how to help the business meet its talent needs 

  • Be the “Single Point of Contact” for the business for all things disability-related (e.g., practical application of the ADA; understanding no-cost or low-cost accommodations; navigating government-funded tax incentives and other publicly-funded resources to hire and support employees with disabilities, etc.)

  • Provide training/coaching to coworkers and managers to make your business even more accessible and inclusive.

  • Provide pre-hire and post-hire training as well as ongoing support to protect the investment you’ve made in the staff with disabilities you’ve hired.